Tips For Communicating With Your General Contractor

The Innovations Group, LLC will help you choose the right building for your business. Whether it is new construction or an existing property that will need to be renovated or retrofitted, you will want to assemble the right team that understands your end-result and vision, and who consistently communicates that vision from its inception to delivery. The general contractor is a key component of that team, and as the developer, The Innovations Group, LLC will select the right general contractor, which will provide a framework for everyone’s expectations and an environment of transparency between all parties throughout your entire project. A commitment to diligent communication will positively affect your project, helping to streamline all moving parts.

The pre-construction phase should start with an in-depth meeting to discuss all the design details and budget. Potential weaknesses need to be fully examined, and contingencies developed for all stages of construction. This meeting is one of the most important to take place throughout the process and sets up the entire project for success. Project expenditures, the desired design achievements, and the final results are vital at this beginning stage. During this stage would be the optimal time to voice concerns and conceptualize possible solutions.

The Innovations Group, LLC will manage communications with your general contractor, establishing a preferred method and frequency. Scheduled meetings are usually weekly and done in person or via video conference. If the contractor is overseeing several large ongoing projects, it may not be possible to speak to them at all times of the day, and they may need to request that communication be done via email, text, or through an assistant or foreman in some cases.

During the actual construction phase, good communication with all team members is vital in order for the contractor to maintain proper schedules and budgets throughout the project.  Meetings should be focused to cover all critical timeline and action items as well as any concerns that may have developed. These meetings are important in providing an open discussion forum as well as in keeping everyone apprised of the project’s progress.

Clarity and consistency in communication during your construction project will ensure that your building is completed on time and in keeping with your original vision, while also coming in on or under the established budget.

The Innovations Group, LLC provides quality control in delivering turn-key developments. Our vision is to allow strategic partners, such as doctors, to participate in the capital stack, as well as being tenants in the building itself. The Innovations Group, LLC’s attention to the needs of developments, along with their commitment to timeless aesthetics, ensures the creation of unique and functional spaces that perfectly suit owners and occupants.