Investors & Capitalization

We offer partnership and ownership opportunities for investors like physicians who want the returns of a real estate investment while they continue to practice. We provide all of the experience and expertise in building and managing our medical developments. Our medical office developments allow the participating physician to enjoy the benefits of owning real estate without the headache of managing it.

We source both private equity capital and debt capital in our turn-key developments. If you’re interested in investing or ownership, contact us today for opportunities!

“I always wanted to own my own office building but could not see how to accomplish this and run our medical practice at the same time. Working with Eric Powers and The Innovations Group, LLC, they helped us create not only our Medical Office and Surgery Center, but also develop a plan for us to share in the Capital Team and ownership of the building allowing us an additional income source to our medical practice.”

– Dr. Phillip Gannaway MD | Clarksville Ophthalmology

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If you are interested in partnering with The Innovations Group, LLC for turn key development give us a call at 615-778-8828 or click below to request additional information.