Fee Based Development

In fee-based development, we plan and oversee every step of the process – land acquisition and development, entitlements, finance, raising capital/structuring debt, pre-leasing, building, finishing and property management. Fee-based development includes all the services of turn-key development, but TIG is not part of the ownership team.

The Ideal Structure for Owner/Tenants Such as Practicing Physicians

This structure is ideal for owner/tenants like practicing physicians who have interest in real estate ownership and want to own their own building but value the managerial expertise of TIG’s team. These groups become the anchor tenants and are key in designing their own space in the building, as well as overall project planning.

When we needed to develop our own medical facility to include our clinical offices, our non-surgical offices, and a new surgical facility we turned to Eric Powers and The Innovations Group, LLC. They designed our budgets, buildings, and construction teams giving us the best global outcome for our needs. As complicated as our project was, we would not have been able to do this on our own and grow our practice at the same time.

– Winn Elliott (CFO) | Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

Ready to Learn More?

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