Promoting Synergy Between Your Commercial Property Tenants

As the owner of a commercial investment property, one of the considerations that are always going to always be top-of-mind is the synergy of your tenants. Here at The Innovations Group, LLC,  we have found that this can be done by building a group with cohesive goals which leads to high levels of tenant success, resulting in long-term occupancy as well as other benefits for you as the business owner.

One way to build and maintain a cohesive and synergistic tenant environment for the businesses in your commercial property is to market to tenants who will create referral business with other tenants.

Here are some of the advantages of tenant synergy:

  • Marketing

Word of mouth is always one of the best ways to market, although it is difficult to manage on certain levels since it is completely organic. Having businesses in your building who all enjoy a synergy of practice and philosophy will automatically generate new and return business on an organic level since customers that are visiting will already be interested in the areas that these businesses provide. For example, having an orthopedic doctor in the same building with both an imaging center and a physical therapist will lend itself to easier referrals and less travel for patrons and their entire families.

  • Design and Maintenance

Design choices on the front end are important not only for aesthetic appeal, but for better short term and long term maintenance. Life cycle cost of your building will impact your long term investment return.

  • Parking and Entry

Planning for accessibility issues is always important in commercial real estate but especially in medical office buildings. The needs of your tenants will be affected by things like the age and physical condition of your patients.

  • Community

Creating tenant synergy by establishing a cohesive core of business occupants will help you provide a more comfortable experience for the patients visiting your building, improving and solidifying client retention.

As you are marketing to your potential tenants for your commercial building, keep these points in mind. It will make for a more successful business environment in your commercial building. You can also count on us, The Innovations Group, LLC. as a professional firm focused on providing commercial building development, design, and management services, in addition to creating Class A projects here in the Southeast. Our goal is to build the right teams and create the best developments with consistent results.