Earning Passive Income by Investing in Your Own Real Estate

Real estate can be a lucrative asset class when it comes to earning passive income, whether it is residential or commercial. Income from this type of investment can be earned by leasing space, or through the eventual sale of the asset. Investing in real estate you occupy, such as a commercial rental property, also offers you to lease additional office space, which is a smart and efficient way to earn passive income. Your investment property can garner both potential long-term appreciation value as well as the direct tax benefits of depreciation.

There are a few things you will need to consider as a prospective real estate investor; construction of such a property often requires significant upfront capital, with the amount depending on the type and location of the asset. In the case of an acquisition, it may demand additional investment in the form of upgrades or refurbishments. Any investment property also carries the risk of large and often unexpected liabilities that can be costly to the owner. You will need to keep in mind that, while you can sell at any time, the actual process of that sale can often take months and may be unsuccessful in some instances.

  • There are many benefits to real estate. However, for investment in the medical profession, the fact that real estate allows you to continue to focus on what you do best while continuing to generate passive income and build equity is at the top of that list of benefits. In addition, investing in commercial property, or even a few properties, can set the stage for years of steady monthly income. Another benefit is going to be its hedge against inflation; when inflation occurs, your rental income and your property value will both increase as costs of living rise. You can also expect the value of your investment to appreciate over the years, as well.

Then there is the management aspect to consider; as a client of The Innovations Group, LLC, you are the owner, but without the hassles and stress that traditionally come with ownership. Two models we offer:

  • The Equity-Based model. This allows the parties to be partial owners in a building with supporting medical tenants. If set up correctly, all tenants synergize together, often because they are in complementary fields. The Innovations Group, LLC manages all of the finance and building management, leaving you to simply operate your medical practice without having to worry about the real estate!
  • The Fee Based model. In this model, The Innovations Group, LLC will handle all management but is not an investor in the property itself. Click here to see all the aspects The Innovations Group, LLC manages for you.

The Innovations Group, LLC makes available both partnership and ownership opportunities for investors who want the returns of a real estate investment while they continue in their chosen careers. We are committed to helping you invest your hard-earned capital in the real estate investment project that is right for you.